“The Reality of the American Raid” (Video)

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ISIS - The Reality of the American Raid (Screenshot)

ISIS Beheads 4 Innocent Peshmerga Soldiers

by, Sam Prince | Heavy.com

In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State, three Kurdish soldiers are forced to watch a fellow Peshmerga get beheaded before being beheaded. The video was released on October 30 and is titled “The Reality of the American Raid”, referencing a recent joint raid between the United States and the Peshmerga to free Kurdish fighters imprisoned by the Islamic State in northern Iraq.

Reuters reports:

Kurdish counter-terrorism forces planned and led the raid which rescued 69 people early on Thursday [October 22], supported by U.S. forces, Iraqi Kurdistan’s U.S. representative said. One U.S. commando was killed, the first American to die in ground combat with Islamic State militants. Four Kurds were wounded.

NBC News reports that U.S. intelligence received a tip that ISIS had been planning a mass execution prior to the operation. CBS News reports

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