The West Fears Russia’s Success in Syria – Not Its Failure

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The West Fears Russia’s Success in Syria – Not Its Failure

Just like it feared it in Chechnya

Originally appeared at Sputnik

In every respect it is identical to the Western response to the Russian campaign in Chechnya in 1999. In the weeks following the start of that campaign Western pundits made a host of claims and predictions.

They claimed the Russian airforce was bombing civilians, and accused Russia’s leadership of war crimes. They said Russian military action would radicalise the population, turning it against Russia. They predicted more terrorist attacks against Russia, and predicted Russia’s defeat.

All these claims and predictions proved wrong.

The local population was not radicalised. Instead it supported the restoration of orderly government and the defeat of jihadism and terrorism. The people who now fight jihadism and terrorism in the Caucasus are principally local people.

The Russian military campaign did not fail. Instead it succeeded, so that Chechnya is now peaceful and stable.

As for the war provoking more jihadi terrorism against Russia, jihadi terrorism against Russia…

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