Israel Goes to War against Syria

The Ugly Truth

[Ariadna: A Susan L. M. Goldberg reports, with the kind of impartial objectivity expected from a member of the „berg“ clan that, faced with the intolerable threat of a ‚Russian-armed Hezbollah‘ in Syria–

IDF Gears Up for Possible Ground Operation with Russian-Armed Hezbollah.

Israel is preparing against „terror attacks along the border with Syria,“ she says. (She does not predict the potential of a false flag Israeli operation to make that credible.) The subtitle of her article is:

„One week after diplomatic visit, Putin snubs Netanyahu.“

Previous pearls of her „reporting“ include such articles as:

„Obama Influences Jewish High Holiday Sermons,“ in which she warns Jews to question the rabbis who are ‚influenced‘ by Obama: „Fair warning: The God redeeming you might just be the guy in the White House who spends his free time between golf sessions selling out the Jewish State. Obviously listening to this president…

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