Russia Preparing to Accept Syrian refugees in addition to the million+ from USA caused problems in Ukraine

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Russia Preparing to Accept Syrian Refugees 

Increasingly being turned away by Europe, war-ravaged refugees will find sanctuary in Russia

Article Summary: Despite taking in over 1,000,000 refugees from a conflict in Ukraine it did not cause, Russia is prepared to offer aid to Syrian refugees – products of another deadly conflict born of Western “democracy promotion.” 

This story originally appeared at German Economic News

Millions fleeing a war stoked by EU and US

Russia is preparing to accept a number of Syrian refugees – mainly middle class people fleeing war and terrorism, and seeking a peaceful existence in a stable environment, according to the Kremlin.

Russia’s Ombudsman for children’s rights, Pavel Astakhov, has announced on Wednesday that Russia was planning to accommodate Syrian refugees.

“Our territory, culture, history, and social situation are able to meet this challenge… After the beginning of the Donbass conflict, we were ready to take in all residents of Ukrainian…

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